12 Dies of Clarity – day 2 floral forest aperture

Hello crafty friends. Welcome to day 2 of my 12 Dies of Clarity and the ‘floral forest aperture’ from February. I decided I would use up a few of my small inky mop-up backgrounds that have built up during the year (although these three barely make a dent in the large pile I’ve accumulated!) I picked out a couple of inky ones together with one that I’d done ages ago with shaving foam & inks. i backed each of them with ‘Stick It’ and then cut the die into them.

The longest part of this process was then choosing the backing card or paper to mount each die onto (is that just me…?!) Here’s a closer view of each of them in turn

It’s funny how the ones I was less sure about when choosing the inky backgrounds were the ones I preferred in the end – I especially like the effect of the shaving foam piece.

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