Until we meet again

Hello! welcome to my little crafty blog, and thanks for taking a look.

Just a simple card this week, but I love the words in this Celtic blessing stamp from Claritystamp. The last few lines feel particularly appropriate in these difficult days of social distancing, shielding and isolation. Even so, we are lucky that there are lots of ways we can still stay in touch with each other. I’ve discovered a great videoconferencing app called Zoom,, which is free to use on its basic plan (although you do need to pay for the full range of options). I usually craft with my good friend, Jean, and we’ll sit either side of the table, chatting as we’re working. As we can’t physically get together at the moment, we spent a happy couple of hours yesterday crafting at our own tables, but connected to each other through our laptops. It was a great way of getting a second opinion on what we were each doing. Mind you, we did laugh when she popped out for a comfort break, and wondered where I’d gone when she came back, as I wasn’t sat in the other chair!

Today’s card is just an A6 card blank, stamped in Watering Can Archival ink using the Clarity ‘May the road rise’ stamp set. This is really neat little set, with the words and frame as separate stamps. I generally use a stamping platform when I’m working with larger stamps – that way I know I can go back with a second image if the first isn’t as sharp as I’d like it.

I then just sat down with my watercolouring brush and a selection of inks on a blending mat, and concentrated in on filling in the detail in the stamp. It’s a great way of focusing on what’s in front of you and setting everything else aside for a short while – very therapeutic. The image would work just as well with colouring pencils, if that’s what you prefer.

Take care everyone and I hope you all stay safe through the coming week. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

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