12 Dies of Clarity – day 11 November’s ‘holly birds’ aperture die

My second blog of the day, this time with the November die from the Claritystamp New Design Club. These holly birds are so lovely cut in gold card, that I stripped the design right back from what I had originally planned.

Clearly, I started by cutting the die into a piece of gold satin effect card that I’d backed with a ‘Stick it’ adhesive sheet to make it easier to attach. I trimmed it down to leave a narrow border and then mounted it onto a slightly larger square of black card. I was going to add another square of gold card behind that, but it looked too heavy so I left it out. I was also going to piece the gold card back into the birds, but they seemed to stand out better left as outlines.

I then stamped the sentiment and embossed it with WOW ‘gold satin pearl’ powder. Again, I changed my mind about this! I originally stamped it onto a small piece of black card which I mounted onto a gold layer, but then decided it would look better just embossed in gold directly onto the card blank. I mounted the image onto the card above the sentiment, using foam pads to give it a little dimension.

And that was it! A very simple card, but I kept finding that adding anything else detracted from the impact of the die cut in the gold card. I’ll be back with my final two blogs tomorrow to complete my Clarity challenges over the 12 Days of Christmas.

6 thoughts on “12 Dies of Clarity – day 11 November’s ‘holly birds’ aperture die

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the series of dies and stamps as I get the dies and my friend next door gets the stamps (we share the stencils now that she has stopped getting the Groovi). It’s great to get new inspiration for things we actually have and use! Are you planning to do 2021 dies/stamps more or less as they come out , or will you wait until the end of the year? Thanks to one retired senior nurse from another retired senior nurse!!

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  2. I’m sure it was a marathon appreciated by so many of us at a loss as to how to use some of the items once we’d done (or on my case not done) the projects on the sheets!!

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